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Personal Profile

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 EXPERTIZE  Design • Fashion • Products

 SKILLS   Branding • Agile • Innovation

 WORK  England • USA • Italy • Angola • Brazil

 EDUCATION  Design • Fashion • Architecture 

 LANGUAGES  English • Italian • Portuguese

Work Experience

2019 - 2022

Manifesta Capital

2017 - 2019



Angola Fashion School

 CO-FOUNDER  in a Venture Capital fund whose thesis is the principle of activist entrepreneurship. Responsible for marketing and design, always working together with investors and entrepreneurs to leverage the VC portfolio through the implementation of agile methodologies, product launches and brand positioning.

 DESIGN EXPERT  for a national brand of great expression in the footwear sector. Key activities: design, communication, marketing and visual merchandising intended to place the brand towards its root target audience. Led the internal culture processes for the use of agile methodologies.

 PRINCIPAL  at a pioneering fashion school in Luanda, Angola. Collaborating with a team of talented professionals, we established a benchmark for fashion education in a country brimming with rich cultural aesthetics, shaping the future of fashion standards in Angola.

2012 - 2015

Sá Cavalcante

 MKT & DESIGN DIRECTOR  for a National Group of shopping malls, real estate projects, foodservice franchises and television channels. Led the marketing fund of major malls, designing architectural features and creating campaigns throughout the commercial calendar.

2009 - 2011


 INNOVATION DIRECTOR   focused on immersive technologies in the area of ​​education and entertainment. Key activities: Exhibition and game design, group computers and the development of public-private partnerships with the government and incubators throughout Brazil.

2004 - 2009


 CO-FOUNDER  of the first design collective in Brazil, reference in the creation of brands, campaigns, films, websites, products and fashion. Together with friends, clients and employees, led the collective for several years developing innovative creation and commercial process.

2000 - 2003


 DESIGNER  at one of the most recognized design firms in the world.  Key activities: Development of products and services focussed on the principles of what is now known as Design Thinking.

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