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Art Direction

Gabigol Kenner 2.jpg


Flamengo's all star soccer player Gabigol gets his own product line in Kenner. In this campaign fans could relate to the image of a gentile warrior and his exclusive footwear design.

Kenner Feminino 1 (1).jpg


When a masculine footwear brand decides to enter the feminine category, that's what you expect to see. Fashion, beauty, elegance and a bit of attitude over clean background colors.

Kenner Feminino 3.jpg


This is the work of a studio process involving creative minds and models that results in the visual objective displayed in this series of images made with nothing else than attitude and light.

Marcelo M12 B.jpg

Marcelo M12

Marcelo from Real Madrid gets his own footwear. The idea here is to convert the product into an object that you hold in your hands, suggesting a kind of personality for the shoe itself.

Prana Delivery4.jpg

Prana Delivery

Pizza delivery refer intimacy. So we did use a hard dramatic light suggesting the raw unfinished aspect of amateur pictures, or snapshot aesthetics as we know in art. Please note the dog expressions :)

Prana Vegetariano 2.jpg

Prana Vegetariano

This unique restaurant in Rio de Janeiro wanted to experiment with aesthetics to reach for a younger, more colorful and hype audience. Visually rich clothing and backgrounds brought a fun tropical-chic mood to the campaign.

Tratorado Kenner 1.jpg


Some products like sandals have very little upper material to play with. That can be a challenge when creating striking images. So look underneath and be amazed with the power of soles.

BBoy Kenner2.jpg


How to communicate streetwear and the motion of our feet? One could use a bit of collage and break dance as one the most original manifestation within the urban culture.

Illustrations 1.jpg


Exploration is all about mixing visual and technical languages into one single piece. See how fluid and fun illustration over photos can be in this footwear editorial.

Dressing Code
Kenner 6.jpg

Dressing Code

A dress code is a set of rules, often written, with regard to what clothing groups of people must wear. The same is true when designing the touch points between a brand and its clients.

Vera Froes
Vera Froes 4.jpg

Vera Fróes

Much can be done using only the attributes of texture, shape and colors. Texture give us depth of field while shapes can guide our eyes as we read the artwork. Colors, well colors, they work just fine in black and white :)

Kenner 3D 1.jpg


Hyperrealistic computer graphics have changed the way we can express products. Now almost every scene is made possible by the use 3d imagery.  Low production costs are also an attractive factor when choosing this media.

Zeferino 5.jpg


This visual identity was created using the Frida's Kahlo handwriting and a set of fun and surreal characters that were able enrich the brand atmosphere. The experience is also made possible by the contrast of a tradicional exquisite name.

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