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Olympic Uniform 6.jpg

National Olympic Uniforms

These are the first sports uniforms to abandon the use of solid colors in an international competition. In this project, we see a joyful degradation of digital colors, elevating the energy of athletes and fans. They have set the trend for using multiple gradient colors in their uniform. The movement has since spread to soccer and various other modalities over the years.

Quick Brown
Kenner Feminino 1 (1).jpg


When a masculine footwear brand decides to enter the feminine category, that's what you expect to see. Fashion, beauty, elegance and a bit of attitude over clean background colors.

Quick Labotelier
OESTUDIO Labotelie 1.jpg


As the result of Laboratory + Atelier, this is an experimental collection made with new technics and materials as seen on the laser-cut fabrics and in the latex that replicates human skin.

Quick Dressing Code
Kenner 6.jpg

Dressing Code

A dress code is a set of rules, often written, with regard to what clothing groups of people must wear. The same is true when designing the touch points between a brand and its clients.

QuickTuabixila 2


This project is the result of the talent and courage of 16 students in Angola that have accepted the challenge bootstrap and develop an entire dormant industry.

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