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Olympic Uniform 6.jpg

National Olympic Uniforms

These are the first sports uniforms to abandon the use of solid colors in an international competition. In this project, we see a joyful degradation of digital colors, elevating the energy of athletes and fans. They have set the trend for using multiple gradient colors in their uniform. The movement has since spread to soccer and various other modalities over the years.

Olympic Uniform Volleyball 2.jpg

National Volleyball Uniforms

Brazil have always being a powerhouse in this category of sports. So for these first class athletes we made a beautiful collection that one could use with proud and pleasure outside the court.

FIat 1.jpg


The aesthetics os cars, motor racing and fashion goes hand by hand when it narrows down to youngsters with attitude. And thats what is happing in this project, fiat willing to scape the old male boring stereotype, diving into the new tech urban scene.



This project seamless combines the Brazilian tropical motives and colors with Nissan's institutional brand book effectively merging fashion and business into one.

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